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Scottish Ambulance Service Ministerial Review

Scottish Ambulance Service – Annual Review 2017

A fabulous review detailing that we have an Ambulance Service to be very proud of, providing information on many aspects that they are world leading in many areas.

The Annual Review was a great day with many of the usual discussions taking place, we were delighted to be part of the patient/community group forum with the Health Minister Shona Robison and her team providing feedback on the work we have completed with the Scottish Ambulance Service.

As part of the day there was a demonstration of how the new trauma team works in connection with the service and showed the life saving treatment that can be done at the road side for road traffic accidents and many more emergency situations, this is a service that we hope all Scottish Health Boards with adopt as currently its only available in Tayside.

Outside, there was 3 of the new vehicles that are coming into service which have amazing life saving technology which we have no doubt will be a great addition to the fleet.

We would like to thank the Scottish Ambulance Service for the care and support we received from all the staff in attendance at the review.

Thank you to the Health Minister for her time at the patient/community group forum providing great updates from the Scottish Government.

And finally and probably most importantly, we would like to thank all the crews and teams that provide life saving treatment and to the crews and teams providing hospital transportation to all over Scotland

Volunteer Friendly Award

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Our evidence was submitted on 20th March 2017 for the volunteer friendly award and we are delighted to say that we have received the award thanks to our amazing volunteer Bill Condy.

Renfrewshire Access Panel AGM

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Tuesday 2nd May 2017


Will be Held at


The Disability Resource Centre

74 Love Street



Everyone Welcome

Walk and Wheel through Glasgow Airport

GLA AirportWe had a great day on Friday with a wheel through of Glasgow Airport with Paul Scott from Glasgow Airport and Carrie Doherty from @OCS it was very informative and also very interesting to see what is happening at the airport we were helping with the journey through the airport to international departures and looking for any issues which might arise to enable preventative measures so that disabled passengers have an OCSenjoyable experience while travelling through Glasgow Airport

Well done Glasgow Airport for taking the initiative and showing what a forward thinking airport it is.


Thanks to Carrie & Paul for helping with all the ramps

Funded by Awards for All

Awards for allrap logoClyde Muirshiel






New Side by Side Bikes

Looking forward to seeing the new side by side bikes that have been delivered to Castle Semple Loch. Thanks to the funding we received from awards for all.





In the middle of June, Renfrewshire Access Panel were invited to assess the latest Patient Transport Ambulances in Falkirk, we received the usual very warm welcome from Trevor and his colleagues.

On show were six Ambulances ranging from Peugeot, Mercedes, Fiat each had differences e.g. body sizes, ramps and entrance doors they were designed with safety and comfort of the patients in mind and geographical area where the vehicles were to be based. Every Ambulance was checked by the panel and our comments passed on to Trevor.

After lunch there was discussion on the pros and cons of each vehicle with all groups taking part, we found it very interesting to hear the paramedic’s viewAmbulance Service Cliparts on each vehicle some of the comments raised showed us how highly skilled the paramedics are.

We thanked Trevor and his team for the kindness shown to us and looked forward to working with the Ambulance Service in the future we left for home in the afternoon having enjoyed our day immensely.

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